Welcome to Naked Stage Productions Society

“The Naked Stage Productions Society is a not for profit organization with the purposes being to produce on an amateur basis stage and musical productions requiring minimal or no sets, lighting, costumes or props using onlythe naked stage as a blank canvas in order to

a)      Provide an opportunity for people  of all ages to participate in this particular art form

b)      Foster in the community an appreciation of this particular branch of the arts, and present performances for their enjoyment.

c)      Provide a vehicle for aspiring actors to enter the field of drama.


To entice non- theatre goers in to the theatre; Challenge and stimulate audiences in a unique and exciting way; re-interpret the classics, bring new pieces to life; provide opportunities for budding local playwrights and Surrey youth artists; enhance the artistic integrity of the local communities; To create theatrical experiences that will leave both audience and artist exhausted and enthralled.